Estimated Expenses

The tuition fee for the 2018-2019 academic year is 400 000 RUR (which is approximately US $6500) for the entire academic year. The entirety of the tuition should be paid before the deadline in the first semester.

Lodging, meals, transportation, textbooks, and other ancillary costs, are not included in the tuition. Estimates for these costs can be found below.


The rent for rooms at the dormitory is approximately $20 per month (subject to exchange rates); utilities are included. This rate assumes two students to a room.


There is a popular cafeteria on the campus that is very inexpensive: $3-5 for lunch. Restaurants in Dolgoprudny and Moscow can be rather expensive, but a business lunch in a restaurant or a three-course meal in a cafeteria typically costs about $10-15. The dormitory also comes equipped with a kitchen area, so you are free to cook for yourself as well.

Other expenses

Living costs in Moscow are moderate. A monthly transit pass, permitting almost unlimited use of all public transportation (metro, bus, trolleybus, tram) costs about $50. Concerning the travelling from the airport: please see the page How to get to MIPT.

There are numerous theaters, concert halls, and museums in Moscow. A rather good ticket to the Bolshoi theater costs about $100-150. Reasonable seating at other theaters can be had for about $20-50. Movie tickets usually cost about $10. Admission to museums and exhibition halls typically costs between $5-20.