Research Proposal

Assistant Professor Nikolay V. Bogachev (PDF)
Key-words: Hyperbolic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory, Arithmetic Hyperbolic Reflection Groups, Coxeter Polytopes, Reflective Hyperbolic Lattices, Vinberg’s Algorithm.

Associate Professor Alexander Yu. Perepechko (PDF)
Key-words: Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Varieties and their Transformation Groups, Affine Varieties, Toric Varieties, Reflection Groups.

Associate Professor Alexandr A. Polyanskii (PDF)
Key-words: Discrete and Convex Geometry, Extremal Combinatorics.

Associate Professor Maksim E. Zhukovskii (PDF)
Key-words: Model Theory, Descriptive and Logical Complexity, Formal Languages, Random Graphs, Logical Limit Laws of Random Structures.